About Me

Although decades have passed since I was a teenager, I will never forget:

  • feeling like I didn’t matter
  • not having a voice
  • that my opinion didn’t matter
  • no school staff ever questioning me on my declining grades
  • my guidance counselor shoving a course selection sheet at me… while she munched on lunch.
  • only one teacher demonstrating an expectation of greatness from me.  Thank you, Mr. McCale!
  • a teacher telling a lie on me to her supervisor
  • a teacher threating to get me kicked out of the Debutante Cotillion
  • being misunderstood by most adults, including my mom
  • pretending that everything in my life was okay when it was not
  • my hair falling out (from stress)
  • developing stomach ulcers at age 17 (not normal)
  • feeling like I had no one to talk to
  • making bad choices and not being forgiving for my mistakes
  • never being told I could attend college

It is important to never forget where you came from.  I remember and it’s why I started this page…

To help fill missing gaps in your life, so that you can become the best you possible.

head shot

Married mother of two children (ages 16 & 29) | 15-year career at a public high school    | 19 1/2 year career in the Gaming/Hospitality Industry | B.A. (English Major) | Current Masters/Wellness & Lifestyle Management student | Fitness and wellness enthusiast |    |Committed to serving underserved teens | Spirit for positivity |